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Spiritually Free


A little bit about myself and how Christ has set me FREE.

Growing up, I was not really raised going to church. Like I knew only a small portion of everything, to be honest. Growing up I have become accustomed to the world from the music, traditions, lifestyles and everything in between. I always wondered everything that surrounds me, how it all happen? Why am I even here? Is there a purpose? Why do certain people suffer the way they do?

The WHY in everything?

As a child, I went through many difficult times in my family that have changed me and I ended up carrying a lot of baggage. Baggage such as depression, resentment, trauma, anxiety, loneliness & many more. There were so many difficult times that I have experience along the way. There was a point where I became so ambitious over everything in my life, that I actually felt like I had the power to control everything in my life. I would make plans MY WAY and man they ended up not going so well haha.

I ended up graduating from high school and off I went to college with carrying the same baggage. In college, I got to learn more about myself; learn who is Jaelyn when there are no rules? I ended up realizing that I am quite DIFFERENT. I really did not enjoy all the college social norms, that everybody does. It was simply not me, I may try to be that person but at the end of the day, that’s not me haha. The way other people have “FUN”, it’s not fun for me. I became so lost being in a city far away from home where I don’t know anyone. Despite the loneliness, in my heart, I always felt that I am not alone. I started to develop my relationship with God, starting to know who is and why he loves us. In the city where I was in, many crazy situations happen all the time, but I found refuge in my SAVIOR


I have more wisdom than ever before; the more I walk on this journey, I discovered who I am <3. I ended up repenting for my SINS, walking away from my sins, accepting Jesus as my savor (HALLELUJAH), getting baptized in the name of JESUS, then receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit…  just WOW!

Now I am like, aaaah I can’t go back to my old ways, I can’t go back not knowing who is my savior, not feeling this fire in me (Holy Spirit), not knowing the power of prayer, and not knowing why he loves us, not knowing his grace, his MIRACLES, miracles that I have seen right before my eyes!

Thank God, I am not lost anymore, I found Jesus. With him, I have found everything. In this journey, I am still healing. I have been set FREE, the spiritual chains that I have been a slave to have broken because of my savior ❤

I forever want to be used by the lord whether it’s praying for someone, being a messenger, a missionary, a speaker, a blogger whatever is God’s plan for me.

In this blog, I want to encourage others in their walk of faith, spread the word of God, discuss experiences that I have had to help others, relationships, lifestyle, and poetry ❤

Thank You,

God Bless!

– Sweet Safe Haven –




8 thoughts on “Spiritually Free”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m so glad that you have decided to step out and write your story. It has encouraged me a lot. I now know a bit about you and I’m glad God brought you into the light from all those times of darkness. Keep the fire burning so others can see it. 😉 God bless you!

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  2. Thank you so much Smart for taking the time and reading my post! It means a lot to me ❤ and I am glad that sharing my story has encouraged you, that is my goal, and I will continue it. =)
    God Bless You! ❤


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