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First and foremost I just want to take the time to say how amazing is our Savior ❤

I simply just don’t get tired of praising him, worshiping him fully, singing to him. I feel so brand new each day when I have him at the center focus of my day no matter what happens in the world, in my environment or within my family.

2018 has been quite a year, a year full of many lessons, many changes. Now that I have graduated from my university and will start a new job in a rehabilitation hospital serving patients by being part of their rehabilitation journey, I will have so much more time on my hands to dedicate more towards this blog, I see many great things coming, I am so excited to see how God will use me to help others in a wide variety of ways.

2018 was the YEAR that I finally found a church after searching for years for a place where us as the church can come together in God’s name to love each other and help each other grow in a wide variety of ways, to learn more about our savior. I felt God’s presence for the first time, and it only took just one time for me to want this FOREVER. I have met wonderful individuals. I made friends that will do anything to help others get closer to CHRIST. I met Amazing leaders, pastors, pastor’s wives that will do anything to help you in many ways.

2018, was also the YEAR where I was so eager to get baptized in the name of JESUS because I learned that in both baptisms that I have experienced, I was not baptized in his name. I remember feeling like I didn’t want another day to pass, I simply wanted to surrender, repent and give my whole heart and dedication to Jesus. I definitely remember how bad I wanted to CHANGE. How I wanted to rise up from the water as a brand new woman that is not chained to her sins. I remember crying and feeling guilty all the time, the feeling of not being ready or not being good enough, but the truth is you will never be perfect or be ready haha. Also, I learned that one can’t be feeling guilty for what they have done in the past, it really hurts and it does take time but with Christ, he will move you forward into the present and future.

2018 was the YEAR where I went to my first retreat with my church, it’s called the HYPHEN retreat! That retreat was so powerful, there were so many people around my age from all around my state. It was simply amazing seeing everyone experience God’s presence, seeing so many people repenting, praising… so incredible. I even invited my own boyfriend that was simply new to all of this and he ended up falling to his knees, felt God’s presence for the very first time and experience his chains breaking.

2018 was the YEAR that I learn how to heal and from where I could receive that healing from and yes you guessed it… is from JESUS<3 The way I heal is by forgiving… it may sound simple but it is a bit complex. It can be hard for others, I heard it can take a person years or never, but God told me that it is time for me to heal and in order for me to heal I need to forgive and let the truth set me free. When I forgive the person that hurt me… it was very painful but God took my life forward and heal me each step of the way through my walk with him. When I forgive that’s when I received the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT.


2018 was the YEAR I experience receiving the gift of Holy Spirit (HALLELUJAH)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2018 was the YEAR where I simply learned how to pray. I use to feel like I don’t know what to say or where to start when someone is asking me to pray for them? I learn that I first acknowledge my father and to let him know that I want nothing but his will only and I tell him to let my words come from the heart, to let the right words flow. I would ask for God’s GUIDANCE and let me tell you something… He sure did guide me. I have experienced amazing things when I pray for someone in God’s name. I have even experience praying for someone so intense for 2 hours. I have never done that before, but I give all the glory to God ❤


WOW… God is just too GOOD to us even when sometimes we don’t deserve it but he just loves us so much. I am very thankful for all the things I learn and experience ❤ I can’t wait what God is going to do for 2019, I am pretty sure he will bless us and do amazing miracles ❤


One thing that I can say is that the world is going to change, year by year. It may change in a bad way. The people on earth will change, have different values, think differently from others. The world would most likely get even crazier but one thing that does stays the same is GOD’s word and his promises that he has for you. God’s word will never change.. they will forever remain no matter how many years or decades have passed.

He loves you FOREVER ❤

His Love Remains FOREVER ❤


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