Hello, Welcome!

My name is Jaelyn, I am in my early 20’s and a college student that is studying to become a therapist to serve children someday. I am very passionate to learn more about the word of God. There is actually so much to learn, you may think you reach a level where you have reach the highest level of wisdom but there is ALWAYS MORE wisdom to reach. There are so many life lessons to learn and grow from. Through my walk with the Lord, the blindfold of the world has been unfolded (PRAISE JESUS). I am much more aware of what surrounds me. God has given me wisdom, freedom, healing through each step of my journey, and this is just the beginning of finding my purpose, my calling to serve, to be used by the Lord. I most definitely believe that my soul is on fire for God, that I simply want to encourage others in their walk with God to know who he is, experience his presence, his peace, his LOVE, his grace ❤


A special friend has once told me that it only takes one moment in the presence of God to change EVERYTHING!

I created this blog “Sweet Safe Haven” as a place where I can connect with others who are in their walk with our Savior or even starting to take their very first steps. In this blog, I will discuss the word of God including what I have learned, testimonies, relationships, lifestyle, encouragement & poetry.

The reason why I name my blog Sweet Safe Haven is because haven is a place where someone takes refuge, a place where someone feels safe. For me, the place where I take refuge is in Jesus Christ. Within being in the midst of all the chaos in the world, through him I find my safe haven and for me, it’s so sweet ❤